About the Club

In 1958, the locals of the Pacific Palms community used to join together for a keg of beer on Sunday afternoons. If the entire keg was not consumed on the day the local Milko, Roy Taunton, would store the keg for later use.

1964 saw all locals and visitors over the age of 21 recruited to gain a license. There was one 6d (sixpenny) poker machine in the old public school.

In 1968 the Club aquired it's current site, which was then the site of the Rose Lea Tea House.

1969 saw the new Club House built, as there were no hotels in the area at that time (and this is still the situation today!).

In 2002 the Club was awarded The Clubs NSW Award for Excellence in Entertainment.

Today we are a Club whose objectives are to sustain growth, to create facilities for our members, and to support the community.

We rely heavily on the tourist trade over summer, although the surrounding areas of Pacific Palms, Smiths Lake and Bungwahl have experienced major growth over recent years.

The Club provides two buses for members and guests as the nearest taxi service is some 20Kms away! We also make our bus available to the local primary school for sporting trips, and to other local clubs for their use.

Other services provided by the Club include conferencing facilities. 2001 saw us host the NSW Local Government Aboriginal Network 14th Annual Conference over a 3 day period.

We are avid supporters of all sporting and community groups in our area, through grants, support, donations, and the opportunity to run raffles for their group at the Club on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

Our Club is seen as a friendly meeting place for locals and for visitors to the area. We have experienced friendly staff, and are situated at one the most relaxing and tranquil spots on the mid north coast.

Why not come visit us?